Friday, October 7, 2011

GRG - I Just Fucking Lost It

This album predates the 2011 Tour Tape I posted earlier by three years. On this tape GRG took a more hardcore approach opposed to the powerviolence sound they were going for on the tour tape. The vocals on this tape remind me of Ian Mackaye's voice at times, and the music gets into really sick bouncy riffs. Super cool stuff, proving Oklahoma doesn't suck so bad after all.

Siege - Two Live Sets

No explanation needed here. These are two 'rare' and extremely poorly recorded live sets. These recordings are from shows that took place in Stamford and Hartford, Connecticut in 1984 and 1985. Pretty cool stuff if you're a Siege fanatic like I am.

Pile of Dismemberment - Mini Spring Tour Tape

Back in 2009 my dad took me to my very first hardcore show. Pile of Dismemberment was the touring act and they were completely mind altering. My 13 year old self thought bands like Minor Threat and Misfits were as 'hard' as it got, Pile of Dismemberment smashed this misconception with their  kickass style. Originating in Vermillion, South Dakota, with a good variant in song structure, and  cool alternating male and female vocals, Pile of Dismemberment is a text book example of what Midwest crust punk should sound like. This tape is a live recording, but gives no justice to how fierce their live show is. This band, and this tape changed my whole conception of music. Up the crust punks. 6 songs in 11 minutes;

Burger Violence -Demo 07

I bought this from a distro bin at a show I recently attended, I had never heard Burger Violence before but their name peaked my interested so I got it. When I got home, and listened to it the next day I was automatically hooked. Burger Violence plays a cool obnoxious style of hardcore that I usually look for in bands. I think Sorry State Records put it best by saying; "This band is way too good to have a name like Burger Violence. 7 songs in 10 minutes, get at it;

Sunday, October 2, 2011

GRG - Tour Tape 2011

GRG is a kick ass three piece hardcore band from Yukon, Oklahoma. They played my shitty town a few months ago and my friend purchased this tape. I was pretty hyped when I saw them live, and this tape confirmed all my previous thoughts; GRG is fucking good. 15 songs in 10 minutes. What could go wrong? Grind yer head;

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gripe-The Future Doesn't Need You

Short. Fast. Loud. The three things many hardcore bands try to capture, and for a good reason. It sounds sick. Gripe; a three piece from Athens, Georgia is a band that do it right. Their most recent tape-only release, The Future Doesn’t Need You, is a nonstop assault of disorienting, bone crushingly fast grindcore that can send anyone into a tail spin. I love it. Unfortunately the band's singer, DJ, left to pursue personal interest. But according to their facebook they plan to continue on without him. They have a seven inch record in the works titled Pig Servant, I'm unsure if DJ will singing on the album or if the new singer is. Either way it should be good.

Friday, September 23, 2011

No Use for a Name - Self Titled 7''

No Use for a Name is a gnarly hardcore punk band formed in San Jose California in the late 80's. This record has 4 tracks, and features a young Chris Dodge of Spazz, and Despise You on vocals. Definitely has that cool 80's sounding vibe that only bands from then can pull off. Check it: